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4580168537236 In Stock new
Office ZPI
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Under the terms of Japan Post, we can not deliver rods that exceed Closed length 150cm. Closed length Rods less than 150cm can be delivered(2 piece rod etc. with total length less than 9.0ft). We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Office ZPI Alcance LS Left handle

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Office ZPI Alcance LS Left handle
Office ZPI Alcance LS Left handle
Office ZPI Alcance LS Left handle
Office ZPI Alcance LS Left handle

Office ZPI Alcance LS Left handle

Price $341.95
Item # 4580168537236
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Estimated delivery date is between 03/31/2020 and 04/07/2020

Manufacturer info Office ZPI
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Weight: 178 g Handle length: 90 mm Spool diameter / spools own weight: 34 mm / 11.4 g Gear ratio: 5.6 The gear ratio is deeply tied to the catch. The rhythm, sensitivity, and efficiency of the reel vary greatly depending on the selected gear ratio and affect the fishing results, so it is essential to select a gear ratio that matches your style. The higher the gear ratio, the more difficult it is to wind with a constant rhythm. Therefore, a low-speed model that enables stable winding is the best choice for Makimono. Low speed has a small burden even if you use a magnum crank or heavy chatterbait with large pulling resistance for a day, and there is an overwhelming difference in fatigue after fishing. Choosing the best gear ratio will lead you to stress-free and comfortable fishing. ALCANCE LS (low speed) is set to 5.6: 1 gear ratio, 59cm take-up length, and is suitable for fishing mainly on Makimono. In addition, the 90mm long handle, semi-long round knob is adopted to specialize in Makimono, and the power of reeling is improved by combining with low gear. The reels own weight is as light as 178g, so there is little burden even if it is wound all day long, and it is an element that supports substantial winding development.

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